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Thanks for the feedback. I have been working with Coleman but have been trying to spec all options out. I agree that the C4 HD front rotors look to be one of the closest options out there. One of the options I was looking at is the Wilwood Promatrix kit Brake Kit No: 140-8313 and running a.20-.25 spacer between the wheel hub and brake hat. As previously stated it would need to be redrilled but you would end up with a two piece so future rotor replacements would be cheap and straight forward.
I'm not sure if it's much help but I've had great luck with parts for the race cars over the years from HRP World.

Where did you get the brackets to mount the alcon calipers? Type B alcons come up time to time, sometimes very cheap, but I've yet to locate a bracket that wasn't part of a package deal with the calipers.

I believe the caliper side of the bracket is 5 1/8 on centers, which should also allow the use of Porsche brembo calipers (which can really be had cheap)
I found the kit through a racing buddy in the PNW. It's the Alcon monobloc kit for the SN95 mustangs PN BKF9856H05. Came with calipers, brackets, rotors, pads and lines. Got about 600 in it and works great but I will say I haven't had time to drive the car much after install.
Hopefully I'll be home and have time to mess with he cars some in the next few weeks. I'll pull the calipers and see what the PN is on the brackets if that would help you out any?

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