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Here's the measurements on the bracket.
Spindle center to center:

Radial mounts for caliper center to center (7 1/2):

Also it was mentioned earlier about the corvette disk option so I located a front rotor off of our 96 GS. This is the C4 platform stock rotor for the J55 HD Corvette brakes of the time. I need to measure the pad height to see how close it is but looks really close if not spot on. If so I'll likely order wilwood hats in the corvette spec with ford bolt config. Along with wilwood rings. The ones on the track car are 350 a pair for rings so much cheaper.

Corvette top/Alcon bottom:

Alcon top/Corvette bottom:

Alcon side:

Corvette side:

Nice! Never really see any Daniels anymore

Hope this helps you guys some.

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