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If the car is in really good shape, with all its original components and clean, unfaded/unripped seats, I'd leave it alone.

If its got wear and is missing stuff, I'd say enjoy the car. Like somebody else said, a car with mods is usually the same price as one without mods, so you'll never get the money out of the car if you install the mods.

Lately, I've been buying modded foxes, removing all the mods, stocking out the car, and selling them for even money. Some of the better speed parts I keep, the rest get sold to guys who who have a need for speed.

In all, its a decision you should make for yourself. If you just got the car, I'd wait a few months before buying a bunch of parts. These cars tend to trade hands often for different reasons, so before you commit to buying 5k worth of fun stuff, make sure the car is going to meet your performance goals.
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