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2005-2009 Saleen Mustang For all S281, S302, H281 and H302 models based on the Ford S-197 Mustang platform, with the exception of the S302 PJ (see below). Be sure to specify year, model and equipment if asking for help.

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Old 01-05-2018
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Default Q: Several questions on a Fixer upper?

Howdy y'all,

Long story short, my brother bought a new car and I have been finally been hand-me-downed the car i have been drooling over ever since i was a kid. Lucky right? Kind of...

The '08 saleen has certainly been though a lot over the years. I'm still piecing together what exactly has been done to the car since he got it.

As it sits now, i need to replace the front bumper (as some truck backed into it and broke the mounting tab and punched a square hole with his hitch), find a replacement rim(?) and maybe new brakes.

I'd like to restore it to its former glory and obviously would like to save some money where i can.

Here are some questions I have

1.)Does anyone know a seller who sells the front saleen bumper only? Not including grill, turn lights, etc. I have found a source for the complete front end, but i dont really need all the extras mentioned before. Spending $1000+ shipped is a lot of money for a front bumper, unpainted.

2.)The wheel setup he had was 20x10 7 spoke chrome wagon wheels in the rear and 20x9(Offset 40mm) in the front. Suspension is also an Eibach ProKit on Tokico D specs and Spohn LCA. One of the front wheels cracked and he had an extra 20x9(offset 25mm) lying around and replaced it with that temporarily. As it sits now, the fronts are on mismatched offsets. I know this is bad in several different ways but it hasnt been driven for too much like this.
I've read in some threads that the original offset from saleen factory for the front was 25-30mm, but ive also read in other mustang forums that 20x9 24/25mm offset is pushing out extremely close to the fender. Could someone verify what the saleen factory front offset and tire size is?

2a.) Could I theoretically put a 15mm spacer to make the 40mm rim into a simulated 25mm offset? I know this is crazy and improper but ive been researching this for the longest time and it seems like it could work.. Weight might be a bit off but in terms of spacing it should at least look even with the other rim.
Obviously replacing the rim with the proper offset would be the best, but sourcing the rim (and the cash lol) might take some time so hopefully this could work as a suitable bandaid.

2b.)Does anyone have a guess on how the fitment of the 20x9 (offset 25mm) with the lower suspension would be? I'd like to put 255/35/20 tires on them but i have concerns that it would rub with the fenders/fender liners. I cant tell for sure as it is now because it is on a smaller tire (practically low profiles). I can say for sure that the rim is nearly flush with fenders. I've read that people were able to have that tire size with the same suspension kit but at 30-40mm offset, but i havent read anyone try 24/25mm

A lot of other work will have to be put in the car, but right now these are the biggest concerns (and the engine occasionally dying when coming to a stop lol) that id like to address.

Thanks in advance
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