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2005-2009 Saleen Mustang For all S281, S302, H281 and H302 models based on the Ford S-197 Mustang platform, with the exception of the S302 PJ (see below). Be sure to specify year, model and equipment if asking for help.

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Old 07-12-2018
2007 Saleen SC#420 2007 Saleen SC#420 is offline
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Default Brenspeed “Corvette Killer” Stage 3 upgrade

I have an ‘07 s281sc and considering buying the upgrade kit to go from 465 hp to 530 hp. Anyone offer any insight?
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Old 07-12-2018
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That’s the kit I have. Makes a big difference
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Old 07-26-2018
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Well worth it! Got it for my '08 a few years back. Only thing I would suggest is to get a better tune. The tune they sent me was useless, get someone in the car to tune it and not a canned tune. If I had to do it over I would get a 3.2 pulley VMP $129.00 (smaller than the kit for another pound or two of boost), 39lb injectors (same as kit), JLT cold air intake $259.00 (same as kit), VMP boost a pump $329.00 (plug and play) in place of the KB (need to cut and splice wire), vacuum line you can get at Advance to make your own (and cheaper), Autolite HT0 plugs (auto parts store or rockauto about $10 bucks ea.) and last find a good tuner and just get the SCT from them when they tune the car. That's my .02
08-045 S281 SC, Tuned by Pro-Dyno, 3.2 SC pulley, HT0 plugs, JLT series 3 CAI, vacuum upgrade, Kenne Bell BAP, MGW shifter, JBA catted H pipe, Moroso Oil Catch can, '11 mirrors, MMD hood struts, shorty antenna.

01-001 SC, Tuned by Pro Dyno, 2.8 SC pulley, MoSaleen, CAI, Off road X pipe, Mcleod Super Street clutch, H&R Super Sport springs, shorty antenna.
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Old 07-26-2018
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Originally Posted by 2007 Saleen SC#420 View Post
I have an ‘07 s281sc and considering buying the upgrade kit to go from 465 hp to 530 hp. Anyone offer any insight?
Call JDM Engineering. ( They can sell you the same stuff and can do a custom tune. Their tune won't be "off the shelf" and your car will run Iike it was new.

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Old 07-30-2018
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I’ve been running this setup on my 2007 Shelby GT with a Saleen series 6.5 SC Long tube headers, 3.73 gears. I ran it with the boost a pump for several years and then in 2011 I upgraded to a GT500 fuel pump. The car has over 58k on it and 50k are with the Supercharger setup as described. I’ve run the car at the drag strip and road course with out issues. I’m running a a 3.0 pulley making 498RWP on a 91 Brenspeed tune 518 on race fuel ( I live a 5,280 feet so I need the smaller pulley to compensate for the altitude). I also have JDM tunes for the car. It’s a great package.
2007 Shelby GT, Saleen SC Stage 3 with 3.0 pulley,mosaleen tensioner sys. UCA,LCA,BMR A arm Brace, SVE Dark Stainless 18x10's, Nitto NT05's, MGW Shifter, Pypes LT's with off-road X pipe, Bassani Axle backs, FRP 3.73's,BMR Watts Link, Steeda shaft loop, JLT 110mm CAI, FRP valve Covers, Brenspeed tuned. 12.425@114.63 4800 feet on Nitto 555's. Latest dyno is 492hp/463tq.
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