View Full Version : East TN Tail of The Dragon Event Nov 9-11

08-30-2012, 10:04 PM
A bunch of us Saleen members are getting together at Fontana Village this year to do a driving event. There will be two days of driving. To put this bluntly; If you own a trailer queen this event isn't for you. We will be putting miles on the cars and getting to the place we're staying at would be a long haul around the south end of the Dragon on some windy country roads. Everyone is invited but I wanted to be up front so there's no surprises with some valuable iron.

To register for the event you just need to post here to let us know you're going and also call the Fontana Village www.fontanavillage.com 800.849.2258 and just tell them your with "The Saleen Club" and you'll get a discounted rate.

1br cabins are $79 a night and 2br cabins are $109 a night. A hefty discount over normal rates in the peak fall season.

Some websites of the roads we'll be traveling.

The Tail of The Dragon. 318 curves in 11 miles. People travel from all over the world to drive this road. I've met people from Germany, Russia, and other European countries up there.



Cherohala Skyway. A much more tame version of the Dragon and great "photo op" places.


Foothills Parkway. Another great drive with some awesome views.


We already have confirmation of an S351, that Joe Gosinski owned and has been put back together, which is coming to this event. Along with some Focus' (or is it Foci for plural :D ), S331's, S281's, and others. About 10 total cars right now.

If you have any questions feel free to post here or PM me.


Greg Wackett
08-31-2012, 08:35 AM
Sounds like a good time, please post some pics and the times some of the guys run

87 vert
08-31-2012, 11:14 AM
Come on out folks. There will be some cool Saleens making the trip. Anything from S331's, S351's, S281's, Fox bodies, and Focuses making the run. 318 curves in 11 miles!:biggrin:

09-02-2012, 07:26 AM
Cmon all you Dragon Slayers, this is all about friendship, fun and Saleens. November can't come soon enough! Hope to meet some of you at the event!