View Full Version : Q: Ford Color codes for 1987 Dark Gray?

09-27-2017, 10:39 AM
Hi All,
I have seen conflicting information on the color codes for 1987 Dark Gray Metallic. Some docs say door code is 9R but my door says 1D which is the code I have seen for 88. I am pretty sure the Dark Gray from 88 is the same as 87 even though the colors have different door codes. I was thinking perhaps my car is a late 87 and maybe they were in the process of switching over the code to 1D. Door tag says build date 5/87 does that make it a late 87?

Anyway, I need to order paint and I don't want to get the wrong color given the cost of paint these days. I know that 9R and 1D have different Ditzler and Dupont codes, but perhaps this is just semantics.

I am thinking of rolling with codes for 88 1D, but just wanted confirmation from you folks.


09-27-2017, 11:40 AM
1D (Smoke Metallic) is 1988 specific.Possibly because you have a late build date is why your 87says that on the door. 9R (Dark Gray)is a different color and I'm sure a different formula. IMO I'm always gonna go with what the car says. If 1D is on the sticker then thats what I'd spray it.