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mmv.89saleen 06-11-2021 06:39 PM

Pioneer keh 8050 access code
To all Saleen owners, who still have their original Keh 8050 stereo units, I would like to ask if you have access to the radio code which is normally 5 numbers. If so, were you provided this information on a card or was a sticker placed somewhere in the vehicle. My issue is that I do not have my code and cannot activate the radio stereo unit because of a power failure due to car battery. Pioneer support is of no use. Is it possible that Steve Saleen and company back in the day saved this type of information in its build information. As of right now, my stereo unit will not function. I am still working on finding a repair facility that will assist us all with these older units. Having a access code is essential for these units. All shared information will be appreciated.

Mark Vasquez

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