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Peace105 06-17-2021 10:37 AM

Front strut bearing gone bad - Overseas owner needs advice
The Swedish Car Inspection Authority did NOT approve the yearly inspection of my beautiful Saleen 3-valve S281 05 (#105) that I exported from Massachusetts in 2007.

They said right side front strut bearing was making slight too much "resistance/noise" and needs attention. The car has only about 17K miles on it, but somehow something seems to have happened (the car has been sitting for a while, only used Summer months).

I know I have the Saleen Racecraft N2 struts, so my question(s):
Do I need to replace the whole strut? or is there a separate strut bearing that I just need to have replaced - one that fits with the Racecraft N2, and if so what exact part # etc?

I.e. I am unsure if the strut ball bearing is built in within the Racecraft N2 strut somehow? And, if not, is it a Saleen part or a "regular" Ford part?

Sorry for my incompetence, but I am not a mechanic at all, just a Saleen enthusiast, and I need to know what part(s) to buy. Parts are unavailable here either way so I'll have to have it shipped from US (in Sweden they do not even sell regular Mustangs, they have to be imported as well!)

PS Also, should I do both sides when at it?

Any good advice is greatly appreciated!

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