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88_50 11-30-2019 05:53 PM

Q: Parking lights?
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Ok, stupid question...cant believe I'm even asking this...or even saying it out loud for that matter.

I can't find my park light plugs. I know its the same tan color that matches the bulb socket. I've had this car for 10 years and the bumper off multiple times. This time its been off for a year, so my brain is a little foggy. Is it not part of the main harness?? I have the small plug for the 194 that sits next to it, as well as the harness that goes up to the blinkers by the grill. But for the life of me, I cant find these stupid park light plugs. I thought maybe I tucked them in somewhere, but short of stripping everything out, I truly cant find them. Can someone remind me where they are on the harness?

Feel sooooooo stupid asking this question...smh. Hoping someone gives me the ahhhh haaaa moment, and not get flamed for something so

Thanks in advance

Dave 12-01-2019 01:49 PM

Did you loose the Saleen jumper harnesses?

88_50 12-03-2019 05:09 PM

Which harness are you referring to? I have the one that goes up to the blinkers up by the grille. Its still plugged into the main harness. I'm missing the plugs that go into the park lights at the bottom of the bumper. The plug for the 194 bulb is there, but not the tan/beige plug with the 3157 bulb that goes next to it. I know I unplugged it when I took it off. It there another jumper harness I'm not thinking about?

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