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JimIII@JDM 08-22-2018 12:10 PM

JDM Engineering Re-Release S331/Harley 500 HP Upgrade kit
Just wanted to let everyone know after many years we have re-released our Saleen S331/Harley Davidson F-150 Supercharged Upgrade kit. This kit was discontinued many years back because of the lack of parts for the cold air kit. After several years we found a system that is big enough to support the extra power and has allowed us to package this kit yet again!

Looking for more power out of your Saleen Supercharged S331 or Harley Davidson F-150 pick up truck?

Team JDM developed this package in house and has been proven on hundreds of trucks across the world! Add over 50 HP and TQ to your Saleen Supercharged 5.4L 3V engine with this simple upgrade package. To improve airflow to the Supercharger Team JDM has included a 100 mm Cold Air intake system. This high quality show polished intake system allows JDM to control the mass air flow readings at the higher power levels. This is a major issue with the stock air box, as the air flow meter is pegged from the factory! After the larger intake system is installed you can safely add some boost to the Supercharger. JDM includes a 3.25" Supercharger pulley to increase 2 psi boost over stock. Along with the smaller pulley a shorter Gates green stripe belt is included for proper fitment. To accommodate the additional boost a colder set of Autolite HTO or Ford Performance NGK spark plugs are included. Last but certainly not least a custom tune is required to make the vehicle run properly after these upgrades. Team JDM provides an SCT Xcalibrator 4 programmer along with a CUSTOM tune that will dial in the air fuel and spark tables. The custom tune will also improve throttle response, shifting, and fuel economy! Other modifications that may require tune adjustments may also be calibrated for such as tire and gear size, exhaust modulations, internal engine modifications (cams, etc..), and more!

*The type of spark plug depends on the year of the truck. ALL 2007 Model trucks use the Autolite HTO spark plugs. SOME 2008 models use the HTO's and some will require the Ford Performance NGK spark plugs. to determine which plug your truck uses if it is a 2008 simply check for the part number on top of your ignition coils. If the part # starts 3L3E it requires the Autolite HTO plugs. If it starts 8L3E then it will require the Ford Performance NGK spark plugs.

Parts Included:

SCT Xcalibrator 4 programmer with custom tune
JDM 100 mm cold air intake kit
3.25" Saleen Supercharger Pulley
Gates K061115 belt
Autolite HTO or Ford Performance spark plugs

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