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XEVIOUS 12-16-2013 03:55 PM

2015 Mustang vs 2013
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So.. here we have a eh-hem-- new mustang.
what do ya think?

I both like it and im sorely disappointed, not to mention partly angry.
What ya see here is a new car indeed, but much of it really doesnt look like it is.
Oh yeah its all new sheet metal but overall it looks little more than a face lift.
And that kills me!.. IMO 2015 50th anniversary of fords arguably longest running marque shouldve been a milestone, not another tweak. At any point in time that mustang needed a leap instead of a skip was now. The playing field is all together different. Those little japanese sudo sports cars have been closing the gap. Even fords own fiesta st and Focus ST are way more fun to drive than the mustang, overall. So mustang needed to evolve because its segment has become very niche. Mustang have been a middle ground car from the start, but its sales has slumped because other cars more focused and refined for there segment exist. so the mustang needed to become a truer refined sportscar. The Corvette team understood this as well. Muscle car characteristics no longer sell, big power but poor performance numbers dont sell anymore. so they uped the ante and everyones raving about it. And the vettes new look is attracting alota people. Mustang needed to be a bit more future. and less 2005. more menacing. lower wider sleeker. I mean they did listen.. but its all shouldve been pushed further. IMO. bottom line 2015 shouldve been you see it and go wow. i dont think anyone's going wow. i think everyones looking and seeing what really amounts to more of the same.

XEVIOUS 12-16-2013 04:05 PM

And as for the angry part.
I know full well Ford execs were caught between a rock and a hard place in terms of design. mustang is going global, and fact is thats the market they really want to work. Far more $$doe to be made abroad than in the states. sad but true. AND its well known that people overseas do desire mustangs. The notion of a muscle-car and not the exotics theyre use too. even in italy, and germany, poland and russia, huge motor heads abroad. people that want that vintage mustang look. But here in the states its all old hat. so how do you deliver both. well.. they played the middle ground, or played it safe. update the stuff that shouldve been gone decades ago (LRA) for modern refinement. Interior material quality (ditch the cheezy plastics) and a sudo modern front and rear. Dont get me wrong the car is good but unfortunately its all new for them and old hat for us. I was particularly mad at all those who were afraid of change. sure i dont wanna see some probe like reincarnation with a mustang badge, but like the Corvette i wanted to see a leap, not a skip, because with all the talk of slumping mustang sales, its mostly due to the car's looks. a look thats been running since 05!. thats a long time to milk a platform. And imo the last thing we needed was more of the same. Despite what changes happen underneath the sheetmetal if people see the same ol car, who's gonna buy it.. Ford answer.. everyone overseas.

Kendog 12-16-2013 08:09 PM

I agree, the 2015 looks more like a mid year refresh than a whole new redesign. The interior actually looks like it had a much greater change the the exterior. I think ford is betting that this car which will be new in many parts of the world will be recognized and new there. I think they are gambling on the sucess outside the US and sacrficing potential growth here for that. Good new to me is my 2008 still looks new HAHA!

Phil in OKC 12-17-2013 12:47 AM

True classics
Ford blew it big time. I am glad I spent my money on my 2007 classic styled Saleen. Where is the quarter panel window. What we have here is a typical Ford 1980's jelly bean car, when it should have been a classic. Instead of rounding it off even more, they should have have sliced and diced it to sharp edges . . . Big disappointment.

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