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setxsaleen 08-21-2020 11:29 PM

HELP: Where can I find this pulley?
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So this tensioner pulley under my series 2 supercharger came apart on the road, gone, couldn't find it. Luckily I was only one mile from the house so I didn't overheat. Where can I find a replacement? I don't have the pulley so can't measure for size and dimensions to find it online. Any help is appreciated!

SVT 93 08-22-2020 09:48 AM

Missing Idler Pulley
Looks like the upper idler pulley is what came off. I see on the late model website they call out all 4.6 from 1996 to 2004 and is a motorcraft part.
I am sure the local auto zone or advance auto would have the same in a dayco or other brand replacement if in a jam.

I looked on advance's website and found a motorcraft unit and it shows the bolt (which I assume you lost also) coming with the pulley - maybe the route to go.

Hope this help!

setxsaleen 08-22-2020 05:47 PM

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Update: I walked along the side of the road around where the pulley released yesterday and was able to find it. I took it to the auto parts store and we were able to find a match. According to their computer the pulley that matched was for a Chevy truck idler but it looks almost identical to the one on our Saleens.

Installed it and it looks good. Test drove it and appears alls well...for now lol

DarkStallion 08-25-2020 12:41 AM

pulley info
Hey can you provide the part number, brand etc. I am having my alternator rebuilt and thought I would change this idler at the same time. Let me know thank you Sir.

setxsaleen 09-19-2020 01:09 PM

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Sorry for late response, heres the pulley package with part number on side.

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