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MrBill 04-27-2021 04:15 PM

Want to replace the serpentine belt and tensioner on my 2003 s281 convertible. Is the stock 2003 mustang serpentine belt tensioner the correct one ?

02saleen 04-27-2021 09:02 PM

Prior to adding the Saleen series 2 supercharger, my car had the Saleen underdrive pulleys which are red/burgundy. The tensioner on my car is black which makes me think it is a stock ford pulley.

Hope this helps

DarkStallion 04-28-2021 02:39 AM

Yes, the tensioner on these cars are OEM Ford. I would pull it out and see if you can find one with the same part numbers on ebay. The belt might be a saleen part, but those are pretty hard to find now especially the SC ones. Just cross reference a part number on the belt itself to figure out a length and then you can find the correct one for number of ribs and length. Share any info you find if you can. Cheers.

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