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39Mustang 04-20-2017 02:49 AM

Product suggestion: New SporTruck
I have no clue how Saleen the company is doing right now that info. seems to be never accurate, but I have a new product suggestion...

How many would like to see a new Saleen Sport Truck? ST302 or S302 or S700 meaning 700hp.

I would be interested in a Saleen hot rod truck as Ford seems to have no plans to bring the Lightning back anytime soon. I want a true Sport Truck meaning 2 doors and yes you can always offer the package on the 4-door too but the 2018 F150 w/ 10spd automatic and a supercharged 5.0 would make a hell of a lot of fun

haulin S331 04-20-2017 08:03 AM

It's all about the MONEY, and Saleen did it three times. ( POWER IN THE HANDS OF A FEW ) Truck owners :biggrin:

redsaleen417 04-20-2017 08:45 AM

How many new roush f150s have you seen? People will just get a raptor.

haulin S331 04-20-2017 09:53 AM

I have only seen 1 and was NOT impressed, just because i known a 2010 Raptor & a 2007 Saleen S331SC & a 2000 Ford Lightning I love my TOYS :smile:

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