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robert patrick 08-25-2019 02:17 PM

Q: PJ owner mileage?
I am curious to see how many miles PJ owners have on their odometer. I have 5100 miles on my#158, bought new in Feb 2007. Anyone else care to share their mileage?

Dave 08-25-2019 05:52 PM

10,XXX miles. Was a new car from dealer stock in December 2009 with 250.0 dealer miles.

JUSTTOHAVE 08-26-2019 11:41 AM

PJ mileage
I drive my PJ #458 everyday and have 92,000 miles on it.

pacettr 09-10-2019 08:56 AM

I have around 21k.

emba129 09-15-2019 11:27 PM

#25 has around 10k

Aussie-Parnelli 09-24-2019 07:00 PM

PJ 45 36000 miles
PJ 46 1000 miles


RPittenger 10-20-2019 09:46 PM

Pj #501
PJ #501 - 1,400 miles.

Richard (new owner)

Troy, Ohio

gamon302 10-24-2019 08:17 AM

PJ # 412 11,000 mi. gamon302
:smile:I live in Ohio purchased car from Bellevue WA.I never thought I
would do a long distance car purchase.After a lot of HD pictures
and communication I made the purchase.PJ was shipped in
enclosed trailer by a very reliable auto shipping company which was
supplied by the dealer I purchased car from. No regrets.

Greg Alspaugh
gamon302 PJ # 412

bandit67 05-29-2020 06:21 PM

SPJ #384 has 6,279 miles.

jrcalvin 05-29-2020 07:34 PM

My Super PJ (SC) had 23,000. I tip my hat to those who drive their PJs to enjoy them on a regular basis and do not care about racking up the miles but rather care about racking up the "smiles"!

Keith douglas 07-04-2020 10:23 PM

PJ # 296. 51,000

New Hampshire owned and driven moved to North Carolina two years ago.

Dutch-Twister 07-31-2020 03:37 PM

Saleen PJ # 161 has about 40K miles on it.
These cars are meant to be driven :biggrin:

tbl01 07-31-2020 05:40 PM

Saleen # 219, approx. 22.5 k miles and smiles. Visting a friend last weekend. He gets the "Honey there is someone out front in a racecar with numbers on it."

pj165 09-04-2020 08:19 PM

Pj 165 24,000

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