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yeroc281 04-11-2022 09:43 AM

94-98 Lemans Wheel snagged
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Just got the deal of the weekend on Saturday. I snagged a set of 94-98 Chrome Lemans wheels off of Facebook for $200. Yes, they need refinished and new tires but for the money I could not pass them up. I also managed to get a pair of front 94/95 spindles with brakes and rotors for another $200. I am out of the Saleen game after selling 96 #77 S281 but I did snag a super clean 93 GT that these wheels will go on. Iím not sure if I will rechrome or powder coat silver. Anyone know the paint color for silver?

DarkStallion 04-25-2022 11:27 PM

I say do a silver. Get pics of the original finish and should be easy to get something close. It will be tough to re-chrome those. You need just about a perfect surface to re-chrome. Depending on how deep the corrosion goes I would paint or p/c. At least with either of those you can fill in pits a little. Nice find though I know a lot of these original parts are going to be needed in the near future. Good luck post pics.

jcar302 05-03-2022 02:57 PM

I've run the speedline version on my 90 for 20 years.
I run them reversed with fox track width.
I've also had one of my old xp8 wheels that the chrome was toast on stripped by the chrome shop, pretty much they said they would NOT put chrome on it again.

yeroc281 05-08-2022 09:12 AM

Nice video!!! So you ran the rear wheels on the fronts and front to the rear on the fox? Did you have to run any spacers?

jcar302 05-08-2022 11:12 AM

I've had them set up quite a few ways with spacers and tires.
Right now i have no spacers.
A 275 35 18 drag radial in the back (which are very wide, surely wider than a regular 275)
And a 225 40 18 up front, which are too narrow.

No rubbing anywhere currently. Fenders rolled out back and i put on a panhard bar because under a hard corner the rear tires would rub lightly on the inner fender tub. Just remember the rear of a fox can move like 2 inches in either direction under load.

If that's something that worries you, i wouldn't exceed a 265 with a regular street tire.

Fronts i'm going to switch (very soon) to a 255 35 18.
That's the same height as i have now, but notably wider. I'm not doing it because i want really wide tires up front, i'm doing it because it's really what they should be on an 8.5 rim with a 275 35 out back.
I have maximum motorsports front control arms so it shouldn't hit on the inside, but on the fender? I guess we are going to find out...

For suspension i have almost the entire maximum motorsports Road and Track kit plus i have a torque arm ready to go on.
Also a k member and coil overs up front.

I've fine tuned the wheel tire setup over the years, been a while since i messed with the recipe, i just don't like how the front wheels stretch the 225 tires.

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