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02saleen 04-18-2021 03:40 PM

Saleen Brembo Brakes
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Hello Everyone,

I recently was able to purchase some Saleen Brembo calipers that Id like to put on my 02 Saleen to replace the Baer 6P calipers I have now. However, Id like to have them refinished first to give them more. I took them to a friend that does powder coating, but since the Saleen on the caliper isnt very deep he is worried if he creates a stencil for it that it will bleed over to the black. Any ideas on what others have done?

I did come across this that Baer does so I figured something like this might be an option as well. I figured powder coat them black then fill in the letters in yellow (original) or silver to match the car.

DarkStallion 04-23-2021 04:36 PM

brembo brakes
Hi there. First, nice find. 2nd I am unaware of Brembo calipers being embossed with Saleen as you would have with the Alcon calipers. If I am not mistaken, the Brembos were just rebranded with a Saleen decal. Safe to say a refresh powdercoat or paint, and a decal you can find on ebay will be "correct." With the money you are spending to refresh them, I'd say go factory look, black with yellow decal. I actually rebranded a set of Roush Alcons to resemble Saleen Alcons and I painted them red and used black Saleen letters. I did them myself. But, again paying a good amount to restore, I would stick to a factory look. Honestly, the finish doesn't look bad. Maybe some touch ups and a re-clear? Hope this helps. Pictures of final product :)

02saleen 04-27-2021 08:44 PM

You're correct, it was just a decal. One was already removed and also confirmed it was a decal when I called Saleen to get the color # for the yellow. I wonder if it would have been cheaper to buy a Cobra R set and put the Saleen decal at this point lol.

I looked online for some items that seem to be to rebuild a Cobra R caliper (gaskets, bleeder screws etc.) so I hope it all fits these calipers for after the powder coating.

DarkStallion 04-28-2021 02:35 AM

saleen brembo
Yes, the saleen brembos are the cobra r brembos. All resto components will be the same. Good Luck on the project. I am sure they will come out great.

Here they are below, but not sure who has them actually available.

dennard25 05-05-2021 09:55 PM

That caliper looks in perfect shape. Update us when you install them.

02saleen 05-10-2021 11:46 AM

Will do

Currently getting them refinished. I was waiting the getting them powder coated and on some of hte hardware including the vinyl decal.

However, I was told that high temp paint would be best as powder coating can only go to a certain temp and will begin to fade. I guess you can also only powder coat a piece so many times while you can repaint as many as you want to ensure a finish one happy with.

Taking longer than expected, but hopefully I'll have them on by end of the month.

DarkStallion 05-12-2021 03:24 PM

Yes, powdercoat is more durable...but just that more durable. If you ever change your mind or need to get the powercoat off, it requires more work. I say go for paint, but again pro and con's for both. I am sure they are going to look spanking. Glad to see your Saleen is getting the goods.

sorscode 05-13-2021 04:40 PM

I powder coat mine. The durability is nice if you accidentally get any brake fluid on it, you won't worry about the paint pealing. If painted right you shouldn't worry about the pain pealing either but that is hit or miss.

Awesome find, I have a collection of the Brembo brakes from the Focus RS (MK1) that I had a few sets done in Black with the Saleen script. I use them for when Alcon parts become impossible to find.

delvin 05-14-2021 01:59 AM

The Dupli-Color caliper paint has a much better finish if you cure them according to the can and a toaster oven works great.

The finish becomes a lot deeper and smoother.

DarkStallion 05-23-2021 02:21 PM

I say paint :)
But yes paint is a risk when bleeding. I had the same problem :) Anyhow I wish I can post pics of mine but apparently I have reached my upload limit :rolleyes:

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