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RPittenger 09-22-2019 05:38 PM

New Member Intro: Current Value of PJ Mustang?
Hello Group,

I've been a Ford and Mustang fan for many years and owned a 1986 coupe some years ago. Currently, I have a '95 GT, 5-spd convertible, a very nice, 75K miles car.

I have recently developed an interest in the '07 PJ Mustang, having seen and driven one at my local Ford dealer in Troy, OH. I likely would have bought it had if was lower mileage (36K), completely stock and no cosmetic issues. I decided to sit back, try to learn more about these cars and bide my time waiting for a pristine, low mileage original to come on the market a reasonable driving distance from Ohio. That's my interest in joining this forum. Thanks for having me.

Two questions come to mind at this time: What would the estimated value of one of these be in the Midwest (around 5K miles, unmolested, stock condition, basically like new condition and, hopefully, purchased from the original owner)?

Also, as I continue my search for one of these, is there anything that I should be aware of such as any weaknesses either mechanically or cosmetically? For instance, I noticed that the one that I've seen and driven, even though it appeared to have been well cared for, had discoloration and small cracks in the wheel center caps.

Thanks for any and all information you can offer.

R. Pittenger

d3c0d3d 09-23-2019 12:20 PM

Welcome to SOEC!

On, looks like:

New York area, 1800 miles PJ #251 sold for $31,500 on 1-7-19
California area, 900 miles PJ #249 sold for $35,250 on 9-17-18

Dave 09-23-2019 06:08 PM

Welcome to forum R. Pittenger!:smile:


#1: 2007 S302 PJ models tend to top out at $35,000.00.

#2: Cosmetically the PJ center caps do age and the shaker scoop trim ring does crack. Both items are no longer available. If should be noted the aging center caps and the cracking trim rings happened when these cars were fairly new.

My speculation is, the center caps age with UV sunlight and the trim rings crack with heat.

Around 2010 MJA/Saleen/Revstone did one last run of PJ Edition center caps. If you find a new set for sale, expect to pay $100.00-$500.00. Though keep in mind all production runs of these center caps age. So, in 3-5 years your NOS caps will be discolored again.

Since the 2007 S302 PJ is becoming an older model, most of the Saleen specific styling equipment is obsolete. Body kit, wing, louvers, emblems, wheels... etc. If you buy a PJ and want "insurance," when you find PJ parts for sale, buy them and store them.

After PJ production ended. Saleen, Inc released two (2) Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) for this model.

#1: There was a Speedometer Calibration error with the PJ cluster. I do not recall, but around 70 MPH the speedo registers the wrong speed.

#2: The Saleen Watt-Link repair. Which included a rear subframe brace and new pivot bolt for the swivel link. Check for rear frame rail cracking on vehicles without the brace installed.

If you plan on saving the vehicle. Find one with as much original paperwork as possible and make sure the Saleen/PJ specific owner's manual is still with the car.

RPittenger 09-28-2019 12:18 PM

Watts Link Repair Kit Photo
Thanks to each of you for your responses. They are helpful. If the car in question does not have this kit, how big of a deal is it for a strictly street-use machine? Also, I don't know what this kit would look like if I saw one. Do you have any photos of a PJ with the kit applied so that I would know if a particular car had it?

Thanks again.

Dave 09-28-2019 02:56 PM

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Hello, the "black" paint bar is the frame rail support brace. These were not originally installed on the 2007 S302 PJ and were not included in the Saleen Speedlab Gen I watts-link kit.

This bar came as part of the TSB and were standard in the Saleen Speedlab Gen II watts-link kit.

In 2014 Saleen Automotive used a watt-link produced by White Line as part of the S302 George Follmer Edition. There may also be a handful (1-3) of 2011-14 S302 Black Labels with the White Line watts-link. Though, don't quote me.

All of the bushings used in the Saleen watts-link kit are serviced. The rear sway bar is 2007-09 Ford GT500 and the swing arms use off-the-shelf control arm bushings.

If you see a flaw in the differential cover or the pivot bolt; could be best to remove the complete unit.

Here is one possible issue with the original Saleen/PJ watts install. The pivot bolt was threaded in the diff cover, then a set-screw is installed to hold the pivot bolt, this set-screw can alter the original pivot bolt threads. So, if you ever try to remove the original pivot bolt and if this set-screw messed the pivot bolt threads, you can destroy the diff cover working out the pivot bolt. Specifically the threads for this aluminum diff cover.

Which means, you will be drilling out the differential cover for a helicoil insert. Then you will install a new pivot bolt.

hereinatlanta 10-14-2019 05:15 PM

I actually have a very nice PJ with a very low build number 23 and only 6100 miles. The only issue is the hood scoop trim ring, it has a crack but it can be sourced as I replaced the one on my 2008 S 302 this past year. Besides that the car is perfect still smells new I have pics of top and bottom, this one has never been out in the rain. Air Bag and Watts link recalls completed and documented. If you will reach out to me I would be happy to offer up some pictures. Car is in Atlanta GA.

RPittenger 10-14-2019 08:44 PM

PJ for sale in Atlanta
Larry, thanks for the response and offer to sell me your PJ but I have located a very nice, low-mileage one locally and aam in the process of buying it.

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