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DevilsWrench 10-30-2018 02:41 AM

Q: Final Nitrous Install route? - N20 Focus
I just bought my friend's N20 and have been looking in the forums for Nitrous hook up on these things. Mine has never been hooked up and wanted to see what may have been a good solution to get hooked. I'm not sure what Saleen put in car that needs attached. Bottle, WOT switch is there, dash switch is there, Solenoids and line to jet at air tube is there. Not sure how they were planning to do final hook up because I have no paperwork for their method.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated. I seem to be a sucker for odd cars as I have SVO Mustang too.


dwood11 12-13-2018 02:37 PM

Greetings. I just recently purchased an 04 from a member in this forum that never had the nitrous system completed so I finished it myself. If you need any help I will by more than happy to give you a list of what I ended up needing to purchase in order to get it working.

It really wasnít all thatís hard, and I estimate I spent about 400 in components. One thing I will caution you of right off the bat is the fact that my 55k mile cars clutch was not happy even on a 50 shot so I currently am running a 40 shot and the car seems happy!

Things I know you need right off the bat are a MSD window switch, MSD Tach Driver, fuel rail adapter(I have a brand new spare I can sell you for a steal of you have an 04), custom 32Ē braided fuel line, a relay(again I have one of these as well if you need with a harness), a few fittings, and some other small items.

I can post an actual list of stuff later when time allows.

DevilsWrench 12-13-2018 10:32 PM

Thanks for the info, Definitely post the list, It'll help people a bunch. I just got my Fuel Rail adapter in via Massive Speed Systems.... they love Focus 2.0 there. I ordered the NOS RPM Activated window switch system too. Clutch may be next on mine too. Just an FYI a lot of the time its the Clutch Master Cylinder that drags the clutch. Mine is well tuned with the SCT LiveWire now. and notice if i do not let off clutch petal quick, it seems to let clutch slip.

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