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SWIFT_S281 04-02-2021 10:25 PM

Speedometer acting really weird! Please help
So I bought a 2000 S281 about two weeks ago, and have absolutely fallen in love with the thing. Everything had been running perfectly until this morning

I started driving out of my neighborhood and was cruising at what I thought was a steady 25mph, until I looked down at the speedometer and it is showing that I'm going 180mph.

I have no clue what is happening, it seems like the speedometer is multiplying 6x what my actual speed is.

I thought maybe the speed sensor that's located in the back of the transmission, but I replaced that and no change.

Someone please help! This car is beautiful and I'm so sad I can't drive it.

SWIFT_S281 04-04-2021 07:31 PM

So I figured the issue out.

It ended up being a bad connection to the Dallas mustang speed calibrator that I found after tracing the cable from the speed sensor (oss) from the transmission to the pcm. Whoever installed it used a solderless quick splice snap wire connector to tie into the cigarette outlet. I'm pretty sure I may have spun the cigarette outlet when I was trying to charge my phone, which broke the connection to the speed calibrator.

The car is new to me, and the guy I bought the car from didn't have it for too long, so he didn't know if someone had changed the gear ratio.

Oh well, hope this can help someone out someday.

DarkStallion 04-05-2021 10:50 PM

Thanks Swift for the post. Very important I think. Let us know how the re-wire goes and if all is well.

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