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mamorteguy8 04-19-2021 09:10 PM

2000 281SC stumble
Does anybody know what fuel injector LBS. should be installed?, I think I have 30# installed from the previous owner, and what heat range should the spark plugs be, the reason for my questioning is when I step on it after its warm, it stumbles unless I floor it, then the Supercharger kicks in and overides the problem, which would be fine, if it weren't the fact I'm using up excess gas, it has like a miss when its heated up, if I hold at a a certain RPM, it miss's and if I come to a light, it wants to die and I have to actually keep applying the gas when it drops down to keep it from dieing. Any help would be appreciated, I hook up a DTC code reader and it doesn't show a code to analyze, I'm running out of idea's !! Thanks !

DarkStallion 04-28-2021 02:47 AM

Hard to say without an actual code that comes with a check engine light. With the info you have so far I am thinking vacuum leak. One of the lines is loose or disconnected or pinched or maybe even an air sensor or throttle sensor. I would try and pull a code or even take it to a shop that can put it on the scope and get snap shots of the air/fuel numbers. A good shop should be able to have a few ideas.

DarkStallion 05-04-2021 08:35 PM

Shot in the dark. Have a look at your ccrm. It's located in the passenger fender well. Okay maybe you are already hot on the trail. Let us know what you find.

mamorteguy8 05-26-2021 01:27 PM

Thankyou for the advice, I'll look into it !!

mamorteguy8 05-26-2021 01:28 PM

I'll try that, maybe that will be it !! Thanks again !!

Lundegaard 05-26-2021 03:49 PM

Bad or failing coils are one the issues that caused my Saleen to stumble. On the list as well were: vacum leaks, partially clogged fuel filter, bad plug, defective EGR, three clogged fuel injectors. Bottom line, as mine is a 99 it was simpler (and cheaper) just to replace everything with new parts. Just had the SC rebuilt due to bad bearing, seals and scuffing of the SC rotors coating.

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