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06TorchRedGT 10-11-2020 12:55 AM

Need Advice On Correct Serpentine Belt Size/Part# For Saleen VI S/C With 3.6" Pulley
In need of locating the correct serpentine belt size/part# for Saleen VI S/C which has the 3.6" blower pulley. After checking JDM engineering and Brenspeed's website, both confirmed that Gates Micro-V (K061080) is the correct belt/part number which has an effective length of 108.18". However, according to Saleen performance parts website, their description claims otherwise by stating their serpentine belt for the 2005-09 Saleen S302E is the correct one for the 3.6" drive pulley, despite having a shorter 107.38" effective length. Needless to say, I'm completely stumped as to which is the correct belt according to the Saleen performance website description. Anyhow, I've went ahead and attached a portion of the Saleen website description. Meanwhile, I hope that someone can chime in regarding the Saleen website description claims.

Also note that all pulleys installed are the original pulleys included with the Saleen Series VI Supercharger kit with the exception of the Saleen 3.6" drive pulley.

Serpentine Belt 107.38" 05-09 S302E
Serpentine Belt 107.38" 05-09 S302E


SKU: 00-1604-C17790

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These 6-rib 107.38" serpentine belts run quieter, stretch less, and transfer more power than other belts. As they warm up, the composite construction between the cords and rubber compound becomes more efficient at turning your engine's accessories. And by absorbing the shock and vibration transmitted from the crank pulley, the belts can help your harmonic damper to better reduce harmful vibrations.

OEM replacement for 2005-09 S302E (Extreme) and fits and Saleen Series VI, VI.5 Saleen Supercharger system with the 3.6" Supercharger Drive Pulley.

tbar 10-11-2020 02:42 PM

I believe it’s the 108” belt. I’d go by JDM & Brenspeed.

06TorchRedGT 10-14-2020 10:28 PM

Just to follow up, it was in fact the 108.18" belt (Gates Micro-V K061080 belt)

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