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Nextlevel 11-14-2017 06:02 AM

HELP: Side window wreath decals - Oversized
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So, I Ordered replacement championship wreaths for my 2002 Saleen s281 from, which obviously is the official Saleen store as my originals were getting a bit weathered. I just got my wreaths in the mail today and they are about 50% Larger than the original Saleen ones that are on the car. I actually still had 1 original saleen wreath decal from years ago when i had my other 2002 s281. I took a picture of it next to the new ones saleen sent me. Why are they so much bigger than the originals that were placed on the car from saleen when it was manufactured? I contacted saleen, but have not gotten a response yet. I mean they are like clown big compared to what i know the proper size should be. Thank you for anyone that may be able to explain or shed some light on the matter.

Nextlevel 11-14-2017 08:50 AM

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If it helps... Here is a pic of the current wreath decals on the side window of my S281. They are the smaller size just like the ones on my original 2002 S281 i also owned a long time ago. So again, i am really confused why Saleen sent me these oversised ones......? I want the car original to the T. Thank you :)

OxfordS281 11-14-2017 09:42 AM

Looks like they need to get that older style of yours and remake them to the OE spec.

Dave 11-14-2017 10:47 AM

Contact Spring Hebler is parts.


Nextlevel 11-15-2017 04:43 AM

Thanks for the responses. I'm sending an email as we speak :)

OxfordS281 11-15-2017 12:19 PM


Originally Posted by Nextlevel (Post 145376)
Thanks for the responses. I'm sending an email as we speak :)


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