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I was seriously wanting to buy a new performance F150 being a current owner of a 2004 Lightning and seems Ford only cares about building Raptors so I was waiting for the Shelby F150 Super Snake as I knew the truck was coming long before they unveiled it but as soon as I found out that the entire truck was being built by Tuscany I no longer wanted one and $100k+ for a Shelby Super Snake F150 where only the badges are the only thing Shelby umm I'll pass.

Then I hear Saleen is gonna bring back their Sport Truck great news then I see it and not so excited anymore. My issue is the front grille/valance looks like it was rushed to get finished as the design and looks doesn't say **** this is bad ***. Its an F150 not a Mustang so why try to copy the looks. I'd like to see the valance/bumper cover have more function instead of large plastic mesh that serves no purpose other than preventing sucking in road kill. A splitter would be nice, custom LED lightning as there are a few companies who make custom grilles with LED lighting. I would have done a grille like the Raptors that instead of FORD its SALEEN.

I know the performance is there just needs a new body kit.

And PLEASE get rid of the 5 star wheel design it went out in the early 2000's
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