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Default New owner: 02-0653 S281 SC

Hey everyone, new owner/member here. Just wanted to introduce myself. Ive been wanting a S281 SC for a while now. And decided to just go for it. Its #02-653, and has 18,xxx miles on it. I did verify with Saleen beforehand that its authentic. Bought it from a guy in Iowa, and had 2 owners before that in California. The Iowa guy was basically just flipping it, it turned out. For the most part, its all stock from what I can tell. It has an aftermarket grill, which I dont care for. I'll be swapping that out soon hopefully.

Ive never been much of a gearhead, so I may have a bunch of questions (possibly dumb ones) for you guys. Ive just always really liked the 99-04 Saleens. So hopefully shes good to me and doesnt need much work. Thats why I wanted something low miles and all stock. Not something somebody has all modded up.

Gonna have her detailed in a couple weeks and i will post some more pics then!
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