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Default frustrated fan

I've recently learned that JDM's web price is showing $300 higher than I was qouted a year ago. Of course I can't approve that qoute since my Harddrive crashed.
Anyhow it makes it harder to justify the HP per cost ratio and then combined that with the new talk of all this Pulley slippage stuff. Well that just ruins everything, one vendor offers the upgrade and the other doesn't.
Then several of the websites contradict each other. Well maybe not contradict but don't line up. One individual is selling the pulley slippage kit for one price and another is supposedly using the first vendor's kit is selling for nearly twice the price. And strangely the second vendor doesn't credit the first vendor anywhere on their site, so it all seems suspect.
Then the kit requires a software upgrade which of course is additional 'hidden' costs. Cost for the software(~300) and cost for a hand-held programmer(~400). So there is no cheap, quick fix in buying the pulley slippage kit; you're talking nearly a grand to perform the pulley slippage kit if you are starting from zero.
This is my biggest complaint about after-market products. Inconsistent pricing, confusing web information, etc.
Sorry for the rantt, I feel slightly better now.
With that said, I'm going towards suspension. I'm gonna lower my truck 2inches front and rear plus a rear sway all for around $550. It should look bad-*** and I'll try to take pics of the installation.

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