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Oh, and there will be more "Saleens," depending on how you look at it.

I've seen the information on the 2008 Saleen Mustang and S331 line-up, and there's a lot of carryover -- not surprising.

New for 2008 is the H302, which looks very cool. If you liked the PJ car, you'll like the H302 (though the PJ is a better value because it was fully-optioned as a base car). Though you can get a supercharger on the H302, it's very similar with the exception of Grabber Orange not being available in that model in respect to the PJ cars. There will be some neat optional colors from the 1970 palette.

The Extreme will have a new engine, and based on the 302 platform.

All of the 2008s will be coming late in '07 or early '08.

When Ford changes the body of the Mustang in a year or two, it'll be interesting to see what Saleen Inc. comes up with, and if Steve and designer Phil Frank are invited to come back and assist with the stylings.
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