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Originally Posted by ctann View Post
Who are you waiting for an update from?

Jess was going to get some info on the device. MJ is just going to let it sit there broken? We have several interested in fixing it, including Spring at SMS.

Originally Posted by Dave
You will have to locate a functioning replacement New Edge Saleen cluster.
That is impossible. How many New Edge Saleen clusters are out there? None.

Any cluster will suffice, as you can transfer the module over. It is the microcontroller that is needed. The microcontroller tells the analog gauges how much to sweep.

Seems to me that there are several companies interested in obtaining the device and have it fixed. Instead, Saleen owners get the shaft because the person that owns the broken device does not want to fix it? Hope he has a change of heart. Don't see why not?

2007? 2008? 2009? 2010?

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