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Default looking for good quick detail spray for black

I use to own a white mustang and only would use lucas speed wax for a quick detailer spray,this worked fine on white and was really good. but I have noticed with a black car this stuff has got something in it causeing it to streak, and leave a film on that looks like something got on the car and takes hours to get it off the paint. at a show I dont have that kind of time to be wipeing quick detailer off. ive noticed alot of yall use mothers I have heard mothers quick detail does the same thing to black. but I havent tried it myself, was thinking about switching to miguares. this is what I use mostly at shows miguars products. I do alot of shows so any suggestions on a quick detailer for a black car that is easy to come off, and dont look like something has got on the car and wont streak real bad.
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