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Guys and gals quit paying Saleen for those cheap *** hood vents. I went through 4 sets and that was when they were like $60 each until I saw the light and order a set from Jason at 281 Motorsports. I can personally vouch for the quality workmanship and fit. These are hand made, aluminum, cool *** design, and are solid and will not break. They require a couple washers underneath to properly space but the install is very easy. The craftsmanship and welds are spot on and the vents are powder coated to boot. Think what you have spent on vents already and realize that Jason's vents are fairly priced considering the quality of the product. I attached pictures. Please excuse the quality of my hood paint. My car has over 246,000 original miles on it and is heading to the paint shop after I get my tax return. Be smart not cheap. Jason's hood vents are the type of quality that should have been put on the car in the first place. You can thank me later people.
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