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I used many leather care products only to see disappointing results. Some products maybe designed for specific leathers. And no, i dont think my seats would up and run off any time soon.LOL In fact i would say my seats are shot, typical ford leather seat cracking and drying out over time.
After 15 years of florida sun (speedster) and a sweaty back (salt) its bound to happen. But what surprised me was how the cocoa butter softened the leather like near new. NO product ive ever used had that result. Not to say mothers couldnt do it or better, ive never used it. Ive used mink oil and lanolin as well, And olive oil. they do ok but some tend to dry up quickly. The amount of cocoa butter i used was incredibly small yet the result were positive. In the end if you gota product that works all is well. If i wouldve discovered the results of cocoa butter sooner im sure it wouldve prevented cracking, moisturization is the key, replacing the leathers natural and proccesed oils but as for any other type of effects over time, thats unknown, but i would assume nothing major since its not acidic.

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