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I just had Jason at 281 motorsports rebuild my supercharger at 243,000 miles. I researched several companies and 281 motorsports had some of the best knowledge base and experience with these superchargers compared to anyone else in the market. He also has developed a set of tools to work on the superchargers and has the Saleen supercharger dyno to run the supercharger prior to sending it back. Give him a call he will tell you what he can do for you and pricing. He also offers the best warranty in the business. It is my impression the cases are becoming very rare these days and are difficult to find. The rebuild parts are still available, but unfortunately I believe the rotor assembly is a timed/synched unit and has to be purchased as a unit. It is not a cheap assembly but there is a seal inside that assembly that can not be removed (well it can be but you can not retime the assembly). My advice talk to Jason and suck it up and spend the money on a full rebuild if possible. Definitely cheaper than a new replacement supercharger. Just be prepared for turn around time. He ships you a custom box, you ship supercharger back killed almost 10 days roughly just getting it to him. (I am in Florida) Then there is time for disassembly, ordering parts etc. Then you have to wait for the return. I was down about two months but a lot of that time was on me for removal and installation and shipping. It was my first supercharger so I was OCD and 218 Motorsports worked through it pretty quick. I had a bit of another issue with an oil encrusted 243,000 intercooler that he got hot tanked too. Check them out of Facebook. My supercharger is under Doug C (mislabeled instead of Don C) and you can see it on the dyno along with some of the grenaded ones he comes across. Car never ran better btw. Trust me check them out. PS I am not Jason's personal shill lol He actually did all the work or sold me parts that I have reviewed or posted about. Good luck
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