Thread: S331 Supercharged Seeking info: 07-0401 S331 Supercharged
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Hi Haulin S331,

The original owner had the tailgate panel color matched to the rest of the truck - it's just one of several mods that I can easily identify. He has also replaced the saleen supercharger with a large roush unit (I recently contacted the dealership that I bought the truck from and they told me that this was done to increase horsepower and reduce noise - the hp I understand, the noise not so much). He has also upgraded the factory brake package to a wilwood system at huge expense. I don't know if this was necessarily a smart move as the 15" Saleen brakes are supposed to be as good as they come, but the truck stops very well. He was using it to tow regularly, so I can only assume it was done out of necessity. The audio system has been replaced with a local Sony unit - it's packing sat nav / DVD / reverse camera, etc.. And finally, the 24" Rims are very obviously not factory fitted. Everything else appears to be genuine Saleen.
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