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I go to this event every year. If you have never been on the track or have went to the track with other groups. You should give These guys a try. Very organized and everyone is made to feel right at home. I have been tracking with this club for the last 3 years and they are a class act. If you have never been to VIR it is one of the best tracks in America. If you are worried about the Driver attitude on the track around your prised possesion. You will find this to be one of the most curtious groups around. IF you have the skill and like a little more aggression you can step up into one of the top run groups and mix it up with the instructors. This is my .02 I have been in a lot of Car crowds and these guys are tops. Hope to see some Saleens up there with us. I will be driving my 93 Cobra on the track, but in May will probably take the Saleen out for a Session or two.
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