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Originally Posted by 39Mustang View Post
Saleen can still produce great Mustangs but most people even Saleen owners and former owners are afraid to buy a new one because of the financial issues and the lack of response from Saleen management about the issue! Then there are people who have been waiting for cars and others that came not finished.

I have an idea to turn it around and its fairly simple, go back to what got you here. Stop with the money pit S7 and the electric car Tesla and instead of building cars do what Shelby American is doing now and make all packages Post Title that way no overhead and unsold cars sitting at dealers. You can still do the Camaro and Challenger but build them once order is placed as all you have to do is install the package. Another thing I would bring back is selling parts from the Fox body Saleen to the S197 to the S550. What has kept Steeda in business all these years, selling and installing parts. There could be thousands of customers out there if you would start selling your suspension systems and Saleen brakes like you did in the past. You can ever offer more packages like SAI do just make them Post Title.
Good Points!
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