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Default Help: IC pump failing? - Series VI

I own a 2008 F-150 Harley (Saleen package) and for the last week or so my ACT gauge has been going up to 130-150 and won't cool down while driving down the freeway. It's usually be at 100 or lower since I got the truck new so I'm thinking something is not working right.

I checked the coolant level on the IC reservoir and it looks fine (not loosing coolant) but don't see any fluid moving while the truck is running. I check both before and after driving the truck for a while. To be clear I've never really seen how it's supposed to look while the pump is moving coolant so I don't have a point of reference but the reservoir looks calm.

Before I go and get a new pump is there anything else I should check? I was able to trace back a wire that runs from the pump to under the battery and there is a fuse on it that looks good. Is there another fuse somewhere else? Also, I know some other IC pumps have a relay that can be used to test the pump but I'm not sure if mine has it.

Any input would be appreciated

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