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I did an exhausting search and here are some pics for everyone who has been looking for them...

Looking in The Saleen Book...

1987 was the first year for the Ranger and only two were made. Both were competition models designated 87-0019RT and 87-0020RT. They were equipped with a race-prepped 4-cylinder motor.

In 1988 Saleen sold 27 rangers, three of which were competition models. The other 24 were sold to private owners. All 24 were white except for one blue model. They came with a 2.9L V6 and 5-speed transmission. They were regular cab long beds. The competition models were designated 88-0019RT, 88-0020RT, and 88-0021RT.

1989 was the third year for the Saleen Ranger. Only three were produced and all were competition models designated 89-0019RT, 89-0020RT, and 89-0021RT.

Two Saleen Rangers were produced in 1990, both being competition models designated 90-0019RT and 90-0020RT.

In 1991, Saleen produced only one Saleen Ranger and it was a competition model designated 91-0019RT.

1992 was the last year for the Saleen Ranger. Only one was produced, NOT a competition model. It looks like Michael Saleen is the owner of this truck designated 92-0001ST.

I guess the only years Saleen produced a non-competition model Ranger was 24 in 1988 and only one in 1992 (good luck getting that one). Unfortunately, the Saleen book doesn't give much information about these trucks.
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