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Just my two cents... first off, I’m new to Saleen and Mustangs in general. BAP and the story about a rocker indicates that this Saleen lead a pretty stressful life. The fact that it was overreved along with mechanical mods points towards time spent at the track. Is there a way to verify if the engine number is original to this car?. I could buy the story with the numbers on the front bumper, but very skeptical as for the reason why the bumper was painted in the first place. None of this maybe supercritical, just depends on what you are looking for. Are you getting some sort of a super deal?

My rule of thumb is simple “history, not stories”. My S281 came from original owner and stack of service records from day 1. It’s NA car. I was looking for an upgrade over my then CLK55 and was hoping for an SC car, but the condition and history of my Saleen won me over.
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