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Default Q: Replacement rear brakes?

Last year I purchased my first muscle car, number 735 of 2002. 1 owner, she purchased it new in 02. My hope is to get it back to where it once was. It has 125,000 miles and she changed the rims and it needs a top, etc.

I brought it to a local Ford dealer by I figured you canít bring it to just any shop. Iím new to this area and I think the dealer was a big mistake. My complaint was a hard brake pedal and a cut emergency brake cable and 5,000 estimate later it is back in my garage.

Long story short, I am going to start with replacing the rear calipers, brake lines, pads and rotors and try to figure out why they cut the brake cable to free up the rears. Iím thinking there must be shoes that seized up.

The car sat in my garage for 8 months due to unfortunate circumstances so I want to start putting this car back on the road one thing at a time.

Iím looking to know what is that fulll rear brake setup and where I can get the parts. I need a ton of other stuff but Iím going to stop acting like a newbie.
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