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Default Fore Precision Triple Pump hat and Mosaleen idler

Not sure If I have made a proper introduction on this forum...

I have a 2004 F-150 XLT regular cab with a 5.4L. It has seen many parts in it's short lifetime. Anything from a full bolt on n/a truck, vortech blower pushing 12lbs(450rwhp/450rwtq) to now it has a Saleen Blower.

Current performance mod list:
Saleen Blower
2.87 Pulley
JDM Stage 1 system(Roush Intake)
Mosaleen Idler
LS1 Camaro Electric Fans
PI 2800 converter
OBX Longtubes
OBX Resonators
"custom" true dual 2.5" exhaust running through a Magnaflow Dual in/out muffler
Fore Precision Works Triple Pump Setup(Troyer performance sells)
4.11 Gears
JDM mail order tune

I have a dynotune set on September 3rd with PSI Motorsports out of Webster, Texas. I have been trying to get one setup with JDM when SR. is down this way, but we are both very busy people and can never seem to be in the same area at the same time. No fault of theres and I have been very pleased with their mail order tune and customer service.

I have yet to see any post on this forum about the following mods I installed a few weeks ago. I'll transfer the post I did to other forums on this one for future reference by other members.

MoSaleen Idler and the Troyer/Fore Precision Works Fuel Pump Setup.

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