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Default Heat Exchanger....Intercooler

2008 F150 Harley Davidson
I believe that is what it is....located in front of the radiator? Anyways, my hood latch has jiggled enough, I put many miles on my vehicle, and it has put a hole into the front of the heat exchanger? Ford tells me it is an intercooler? So I really don't know, but we are argueing with Ford/Insurance co, as too who is going to fix it. What I need is pictures of where the hood latch sits close to that "intercooler", so I can prove to Ford that it is a defective ford part, and that I didn't damage the supercharger on purpose. Please HELP!! Send pics if you can, or I can call you so we could talk about this, it may save you some headache, and me some money. Thanks and I look forward to talking with ya'll!
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