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Default Seeking info: 99-0345 S281

Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Hi! Welcome to the forums and thank you for your time typing the inquiry.

99-0345 was an S281 Cobra model. These are fairly uncommon.

After reviewing your listed Ford VIN, 1FAFP45X6XF133412, this number does not seem to cross-reference a known serialized 1999 model year Saleen Mustang.

Your supercharger and coolant tank appear to be Saleen Series II items. These were used in the 2001 and 2002 model years.

My first thought is... someone damaged a serialized 2001-02 S281 Supercharged and the parts found their way onto your 1999 chassis.

In theory there should be Saleen ID numbers stamped on the rear frame rail and front K member of serialized cars.

Currently from what we know, the VIN given does not appear to be a 1999 S281.

With that said. Very cool project and a great time learning shade tree mechanics.

Ah ok. Well what doesnít make sense to me is why there would be the holes in the firewall unless someone was willing to go that far to replicate a real car. I know this car has kinda had a sketchy past so my question is what other secrets are hidden. I just donít know why someone would go that far to fake something. By any chance does the vin even come close to something?
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