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Default Great vinyl / leather detail discovery!

So i made this discovery BY chance. and i wound up typing this long story but deleated it so get to the point quicker for you readers.
OK Dont Laugh because im Very serious i would never lead anyone astray when it comes to detailing care for our saleens.

I ran outa the usual dash vinyl clean/shine products and wanted to throw something on it in the interim. So doing the guy-thing i grabed some coco butter out from the bathroom cabinet and you would not believe how great this stuff works. FIRST let me explain that i sometimes use coco butter as a shaving gel, it really works better than any gel you can find because it not only enables the razor to cut easy but it heals dry skin moisturizes softens and eliminates blemishes , (exactly what its suppose to do for skin) . Now think about what i just said. AHHHHHHH get the picture rite!. First i was surprised how well it worked on vinyl penetrating what is in all intent and purposes PLASTIC, making it look and feel new. Then i decided to try a bit on my old dried and cracking leather AND YOU WOULDNT BELIEVE how it transformed the dry cracking leather to soft smooth and plush in a matter of MINUTES!!!! Simular but better than the vinyl it penetrated the leather and revived it without getting hard and brittle and drying away hours later like most Leather treatment products, IT WORKS LIKE CRAZY!!!! and the seats are not oily to the touch.. the vinyl.. no more than any other product. but its shine is great! If i knew about this earlier i wouldve used this from day one! on my seats,, and best of all its cheap and you can find it just about anywhere. TRUST ME THIS WORKS GREAT!!..

I also had another secret product that was hands down the best shining agent for just about anything, Funny enough it too was once something found just about everywhere but little known... It was one of those shoe-shineing sponge products you find in the shoe section of your local supermarket. It came in a yellow partially open cardboard box, made out of Brooklyn NY of all places. This one was the cheapest of the bunch only costing $1, once applied its shine was unrivaled by any product on the market! it dried to true wet shine look with ZERO residue to the touch. working great on plastics vinyls and leather. As far as i know the product is now discontinued possibly another fallen old family run company, i could be wrong. but what a product! if you see it somewhere trust me FANTASTIC!. But for now.. try Palmers coco butter remember leather is hyde (skin) after all. The point of my post is not only to inform you of the great find i made, but also to remind you that similar if not better products are sometimes found in seemingly odd places, like shoe-care or skin care doing the very same thing as car leather products costing many times more.

Lastly, while vacationing in Jackson Hole Wyoming, a wrangler informed me, they found the best product they use on leather saddles and other items is simply virgin olive oil. ( i tried it, it works but no were near as good as Palmers coco butter)
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