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You use whatever product or combination of products that work for your needs, depending on how clean or dirty or how dry your leather appears or how much time you have.

The individual Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner products let you decide how much cleaning and how much conditioning you use. Use just the conditioner, or clean first and then condition.

For general purpose care, try the VLR which both cleans and conditions, and if you want more conditioning you can try the dedicated product.

Some of this is based on need and personal preference. The Leather Conditioner will tend to leave leathers a little slick, and some people don't like that. You can always buff it off gently with a lightly dampened plush cotton terry.

A convertible car that sees more air and sun will generally need more conditioning and might appreciate the dedicated Leather Conditioner a little more often.

Keep in mind that leather wears, so keeping it clean and conditioned from the beginning is important, but you will always get a natural patina over time and with use.
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