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I was going to start a thread on this and saw this one so I'll jump in. I have been freaking out about my leather lately I noticed on the front of the driver seat it's starting to get a little worn I do not want this to continue or worsen. I have used the Maguiars cleaner/conditioner a few times over last 2 years. But was afraid of using too often. I see it is recommended to only clean when needed? When is that? Lol mine gets dusty but it's dark in color so its never noticeably dirty. That I can tell anyway. So maybe I should just be conditioning? And how often is too much conditioning also? My car is a convertible and sits at shows in summer with top down. I would put towels over seats but I don't like the way that looks.

Does anyone put some type of cover over seat while driving? Would that help slow the seats from getting worn? I will have to buy a separate cleaner and conditioner. So what product works the best and is the safest? What do you do when you go to a couple shows a week? Don't want to spray stuff on them that often right? Just wipe them down with damp cloth or just dry cloth?
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