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Talking Seeking info: Buying 2001 S281 S/C

New to the forums here - I would first like to thank all of you that post here as I am in the process of buying my first Saleen and I have had many many questions. I have been lurking on these forums for a while and thought might as well join as I will hopefully be the new owner of a 2001 Saleen SC Convert.

I took a lot of advice from this forum to contact Saleen and have them run the vin to see if its a real saleen. I am waiting n a call back on that one as i know the current owner and I know for a fact he bought it brand new - but... The saleen vin tag on the firewall and center console tag say its #198 but the front bumper says 258. And the location of the front bumper numbers is directly underneath the headlight bulb rather closer to the corner of the bumper as I have seen and read many of your posts about location for that number.

I have so many questions as this car is mostly stock says the owner but yet he has dual fuel pumps and 42lbs injectors with what i saw was a KB BAP. I soldmy 03 cobra a few years ago - so I know the 4v motors but this 2v is new to me.

So when I have updates I will post here in this thread (if anyone cares) and I would like to thank you all again for the wealth of knowledge this forum offers.

Thanks in advance ---
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