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OK so I have some questions...

I called Saleen and verified that it was a real Saleen : It is!

The front bumper number is wrong - the seller said he ordered the number directly from Saleen and they sent the wrong one out, and while in the paint booth (to fix small rock chips on front bumper) the seller did not want to wait for a new number so he just threw it on and clear coated over it...Not buying this but it may have happened - I plan on getting the right number and re painting the bumper.

The car is stock minus a pulley. For whatever reason the seller put in dual fuel pumps and 'modded' the stock tank to fit the pumps. I dont like this and will be putting a new fuel tank in with single pump as I will be keeping the car stock.

Car also has a BAP and custom tune. Not sure why it has this but again I dont like it and will be fixing the issue and getting the car tuned on a single pump - I dont like BAPs would rather put the proper fuel system in the car.

I also found out the car was over rev'd and a rocker fell out. He took it to a mechanic and he was able to put rocker back on and has not had an issue since.

Car has low mileage (30k) and seems as if it has been beat up in its previous life. I plan to get this car back to stock and enjoy the car. What do you guys think about the fuel issue - did he do the right thing or am I right in that it does not need dual pumps? It is an 01 so I think it came with 42lbs injectors? At leastthats what It has on it right now. Only other mod I see on the car is long tube headers.
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