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I am getting a deal on it - minus some desperate TLC that it needs as the car has been sitting for years in a garage with dirt floors. It pains me to see a car like this in this kind of condition.

My background with these cars is minimal (Saleen Mustangs) - I had a 2003 Cobra but that had factory dual pumps - from what I read on here these s281 SC cars came with only 1. I have a full shop to get all the work done at home. I love these cars and seeing this car in this condition makes me want to buy it even more to get it back to where it should be.

Also noticed the stereo has been ripped out and aftermarket amps are in the car - but that project seems to be 1/2 done - so there is more work to get the factory MACH system back in it if I cant get the aftermarket setup working.
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