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Originally Posted by Tirefriar View Post
My rule of thumb is simple “history, not stories”.
This is pretty much my rule of thumb that applies to every car I ever purchased. And similar Tirefriar, I was originally looking for a foxbody and came across my 1999 Saleen and purchased it instead because of this simple rule.

I think it's awesome you have the resources to resurrect the car you are looking at. Long ago, I purchased a car that had a lot of questionable "upgrades." In the end, it was a challenge but not one I would take up again.

I don't think the injectors are stock, I would have to double check but I think stock is 30lbs. 42lbs. injectors would probably be for the dual fuel pumps.

Unless my car has a specific purpose, which currently is purely for reliable daily driveability, I keep everything stock.
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